FOOD: Rocco’s Donuts hits Westboro MA

Ahh crap, another doughnut joint opens, and of course, I need to have some. Damn it doughnuts! You get me. And remember, eat local right?  But this is legit and is worth the trip, and worth the wait in line and worth the $.  Rocco’s, a western MA doughnut shop based in Millbury MA opened a second location.

Doughnuts, Roccos Doughnuts in WestboroAND, it happens to be within a few minutes of my office. Damn it. I will say, I am not a crazy weird doughnut fan, as in I don’t want their Fruity Pebbles crusted one. or one that will give my kids and their kids kids diabetes… There is such thing as TOO much sugar. As a Dad, I know this all too well. Enjoy kids! ENOUGH!

So, I went in looking for the big huge coffee rolls, or the bacon maple, you know salty sweet! or even (gasp!) a plain glazed.

See, for me, a classic well done artisanal doughnut is TOPS! And Rocco’s crushes that. Sure you can get all types of in the weeds and get your weird and crazy ones. Let it rip, you do you!

So Rocco’s gives you both, the crazy and the classic. But all homemade, in small batches, and in sizeable servings. They are fresh, and they doughy, but that glazed crunch on both the cruller and and the coffee roll are to die for. Damn it Doughnuts!!

Go get em team, Millbury MA and Westboro MA, google it!


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