Fashion: Miansai Accessories

Gents, In short, we are all about the accessory game, its an important part of your daily wear, and something that is often overlooked, but they are great compliments to an outfit. And when done right, its awesome! While some wear nothing, maybe just a watch, or TOO many (think 7 bracelets, yessssh!) in our mind there is…

Fashion: Harding-Lane Needlepoint Hats

Good Morning Gents, On an early Monday morning, when its going to be almost 80 degrees, we know we are going to be outside ALL day! And with that, we go to our must have preppy accessory of the day, our Harding-Lane hat.

Music: SOTD, Andain – Beautiful Remix

Morning Gents, Holy… the sun is shining, the snow has melted here in New England… Spring? Is that you? Its only fitting that we let a chilled out remix of a VERY influential song in my life rip on a day like this. Andain’s Beautiful was a song we first heard via a Tiesto In…

Sports: The Masters 2017 Begins

Morning Gents, And so begins possibly our favorite 4 days in sports… The Masters 2017 has started. For fans of the game of golf, The Masters is our super bowl, our World Series, our Wimbledon! And for the first time in many decades, Mr. Arnold Palmer isn’t on the first tee as an honorary starter,…

Cars: Day Over, go build a Ferrari 812 Superfast

Well Gents, its safe to say we are done working on anything, like nothing, not even going to get our afternoon latte, we are waist deep in our custom Ferrari. Yes, you heard me, custom FERRARI! You want in? Here ya go, customize a Ferrari 812 Superfast HERE

Fashion: Colorful Socks for Spring

Gents, I think the snow has actually melted…. It might be time to actually open the sunroof, crack the windows in the house, put away the parka, and Ugg boots. It might be time for spring and summer colored socks! Sure, socks are awesome, but we were just rocking boot and barn socks all winter…….

Fashion – LV X Supreme – I Get It Now!

Alright gents, its been too damn long, apologies. We are back… and why not start out w/ a collabo of epic proportions, at least that’s what it seems like. We need some streetwear education… so help!

Men’s Grooming: Brothers Artisan Beard Oil

Gents, hows the summer going?! Hot enough for ya? Yeah, yeah it is…. As a somewhat always kinda bearded gent, summer is an interesting time. We trim it down to a short length, we then let it grow cause I am lazy, it gets trimmed again, it grows, we trim, it grows etc… However, no…

Cars: Aston Martin X Red Bull AM-RB 001 Super Crazy Nutso Hyper Car!

I know, I know, we are day late and a dollar short on this… the frigin internet was blowing up yesterday about this Aston Martin X Red Bull hypercar collabo – and rightfully so…lets be honest! This thing is nuts, stupid fast, stupid aerodynamic, and lets assume a S$(# load of money. BUT, we are…

Fashion: Standard Deviation

Hey Gents, a Happy 4th to all, did we all celebrate our countries bday in style? #freedom was our motto and boy did we live it! And with that level of excitement, we wanted to intro you all to a new brand, Standard Deviation Apparel. Anytime we run across a brand making their goods in…