Food: Nachos at The Black Cow in Newburyport

This past weekend we made a trek up the coast to the seaside, and quintessential New England town of Newburyport.  A spot we frequent in the warmer months as the seaside breezes and drinks at The Plum Island Grille are a summer must! However, this time it was for a lunch visit w/ an old…

A Quick Trip to NYC

The Holiday season has come and gone… not sure how exactly?! But for as much as we LOVE the Christmas and New Year holiday, its a bit stressful – to say the least! So, for us, a road trip is a very peaceful and a relaxing activity, we plan a bit, but really, just pick…

How do you get me to want to drive a Nissan?!

Its easy – watch this!! and I guess 1000BHP! They sound to angry… and the smoke, and the heel toe shifting, and the e braking.. its just badass! (And yes, a GTR would work as well :)) Road and Snack

Today’s Dream Car: Jaguar F Type R

Every once in awhile we find ourselves day dreaming about what car we want next, even if its just for a day to drive.  You have seen our search for a used M3, something for the weekend…. our love of the Audi RS4, blacked out, that was available for sale at Cats Exotics… Our current obsession…

Cars of The Hamptons

An idyllic long weekend was just had in The Hamptons. If you are followers of Road and Snack on Instagram or Twitter, you were there with us ;). We drove, we saw beaches, mansions on mansions, we ate, we drank… and we ogled cars.

Long Island’s North Fork: Vineyards + More

In 48 hours we hit the road, head south, grab a ferry ride, and arrive on Long Island. Our annual trip to The Hamptons is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited.  There is more to our trip than being seen in East or Southampton… Yes we will eat at 75 Main in Southampton, yes we…

Ride in a Ferrari F430 Scuderia around The Nürburgring

Yup! Watch as Road & Track  takes you for a lap in a Ferrari F430 Scuderia! It sounds just like you think it would. So take 10 minutes of your day to enjoy this. And perhaps we will all be lucky enough to one day enjoy not only the sound, but the handling, the driving experience and…

We Missed This Year, Never Again! Northeast Rally 2015

I can see it now, back roads, twisties, high speeds on the highway – A rally. Something we love to do just on our own around our local town(s).  But grab 10, 15, 30 fellow car peeps, a bunch of European cars, some modded, some not…. point it toward Niagara Falls and press GO…. This…

2008 Audi RS4 – Found at Cats Exotics (Sold)

This will happen on the regular, I will come across an Ebay listing, a Facebook post, a form post and think: “Vehicles I want immediately” Currently Its: A 2008 RS4, black on black w/ Titanium package.

Fall in New England: Apple Cider Donuts!

Tis the season here in New England for a few of our favorite things. 1. Road trips to Western MA, Vermont, NH and Eastern CT and 2. Apple Cider donuts! As a New Englander, Fall is just so damn pretty, its personally our favorite season, hands down! The cool temps allow for proper layering of…

Beers and Pretzels – Harpoon Brewery

I am gonna say it…. I don’t like beer, its just the way it is. Wine? Yes! Gin? Yes! Manhattan? Hell yes! Beer? not so much. Its just not my thing. I have very good friends who are IPA snobs, Heady Topper or die type dudes.

In Search of a Used “Weekend” Car – BMW M3

We are in search of a weekend car.  Something fun, a drivers car.  We have VW’s for getting groceries, getting the littlest Road and Snacker to day care, vacations and daily driving.  But daddy wants a weekend vehicle.