Cars: Copley Motorcars – Needham MA

It occurred to me yesterday as we were walking down the street from our house to downtown Needham MA… There is a boutique exotic car dealer ship in walking distance from my house. How cool is that? Sure, I knew they specialized in Land Rover Defenders, that’s easy. They have like 8 parked out front…

How do you get me to want to drive a Nissan?!

Its easy – watch this!! and I guess 1000BHP! They sound to angry… and the smoke, and the heel toe shifting, and the e braking.. its just badass! (And yes, a GTR would work as well :)) Road and Snack

Ride in a Ferrari F430 Scuderia around The Nürburgring

Yup! Watch as Road & Track  takes you for a lap in a Ferrari F430 Scuderia! It sounds just like you think it would. So take 10 minutes of your day to enjoy this. And perhaps we will all be lucky enough to one day enjoy not only the sound, but the handling, the driving experience and…

In Search of a Used “Weekend” Car – BMW M3

We are in search of a weekend car.  Something fun, a drivers car.  We have VW’s for getting groceries, getting the littlest Road and Snacker to day care, vacations and daily driving.  But daddy wants a weekend vehicle.

Vehicles of #Edgartown

So we have eaten our way through Newport, Metro West, Eastern CT, and now Edgartown.  Its been an awesome and glutenous few weeks for sure.  In our travels we have spotted a handful of cool and unique to the area cars.  Lots of European sedans, exotics and SUVs in Newport (and tons of ocean going…